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Bi:LingualI don’t think I’ve come across a band as outspoken as Bi:Lingual. They’re nuts, and I love it. This Middlesbrough quartet (Dylan Teague, George Louca, Aaron Lythe, and Stephanos Louca) create rock and roll infused hip-hop, and A Music Blog, Yea? spoke with the band to learn more about their inspirations, brash lyrics, and favourite jokes.

AMBY: Hello Bi:Lingual, what’s the band been up to?

BL: We’ve had a quiet period lately due to half of us moving away for University, but we’re going to be together early next year and things will really start to kick off for us musically…. Again.

AMBY: How did Bi:Lingual come to be?

Well it was originally a College project, we got put together and were asked to write a song, which turned out to be our track zoology and people were really digging it so we kind of had to make it more than a College project just because quite a few people were saying it sounded too good not to be. It’s fair to say we’re pretty glad they thought so.

AMBY: Where did the name Bi:Lingual come from?

Well in college one of our teachers who we really looked up to was constantly drilling it in to us that music was so similar to language, and how we should think of music as a language and once we thought ‘we’re a real band now, we need a name!’ we spent a few days just throwing ideas around then it came back to the music language thing and we thought well musically, we speak Rap and Rock both fluently so we went with ‘Bi:Lingual’

AMBY: Who or what inspires your punk-rock infused hip-hop?

As a drummer; John Bonham, Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins.

Dylan: I think we just sort of came together being predominantly from two very different genres, and showed each other what we were into and realized that actually we had really quite similar tastes, but i think the black keys ‘Blackroc’ collaboration project was the real eye opener that out and out rockers with out and out rappers could work to devastatingly good effect and even turn some heads on what people think of both genres.

Aaron: I don’t think we’ve ever sat down and actually said “Lets write a punk track and have Dylan rap over it” or “let’s make a slow track with a Hip-Hop beat”. We’re always discovering new music as a band and individuals and each track we write will generally come from what we’re listening to at that time. Let just hope one of us never gets into The 1975.

AMBY: Spiderwebs is a sick tune. And as the band knows, I’ve played the hell out of it. The song clearly displays how you aren’t afraid to say what you want to, but what triggered the lyrics to the song?

Dylan: It was at a time when we were really fed up of seeing people on these exploitative money making talent shows, and really normal generic crap really, at the top of the charts, and just generally seeing music turning into the total opposite of why i believe it started, people used to play for the love of playing, not for the love of status or finance and i was just in that mindset so when we jammed it out you know, that’s the only thing that was on my mind so the lyrics just came from that really.

Some of the lyrics were triggered when we supported Tinchy Stryder. As well as his massive pay cheque (around £10,000) he decided that wasn’t enough, as a result the support acts were not paid what they were promised. He also isn’t that good at music in general so that also had a part to do with it.

Aaron: A lot of acts let their reputation take over their music and let fashion dictate what they sing about, what genre of music they are, and how they present themselves which i think takes away the human aspect of their music, which Dylan expresses in his vocals from the get go in the track. That’s probably what makes the track so popular, just the honesty.

AMBY: Which Bi:Lingual lyric is your favourite?

“Feelings get Harassed , by my demons in the past while Tulisa’s sucking semen, and the Queen is in the bath”

Stephanos: “Incy wincy Tinchy Stryder couldn’t get a deal, so he had to sell his genre out to get himself some wheels”

Aaron: “I’m just pissed off the world ain’t heard us yet so I can show my family that in the end I’m worth the debt”

AMBY: What’s your all-time favourite joke?

One Direction.

Aaron: The Japanese flag is actually a pie chart of how much of Japan is Japan. Oh and bagpipes.

Stephanos: Tinchy Stryder and Bagpipes. Only the band will understand the second one.

AMBY: What’s the most inappropriate thing you’ve ever said or worn?

Dylan: “Have you heard that mint song from that new guys Usher just signed…. Justin Bieber.”

Aaron: When we supported Dead Sons I found myself stroking Tom Rowleys hair thinking it was our guitarist George as he had his face covered and they have similar hair. I then seen George walking out of the toilets and the rest of Dead Sons looking at me like I was some sort of pervert. I’m not a pervert; I just like to stroke George’s hair.

Stephanos: I’m a good boy, I never do anything inappropriate.

Aaron: Apart from the fact that he steals things from every venue we play.

AMBY: What’s the best release of the year?

‘Deap Vally – Sistronix’ or ‘Tom Odell – Long Road Down’

Aaron: Has to be The Boxer Rebellions latest album ‘Promises’ for me.

Stephanos: The Wytches Beehive Queen single and B-Side

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Bi:Lingual that nobody knows yet?

Joey Grecco is a massive Bi:Lingual fan. Not even JK.

We used to have a bass player named Steve Jamison.


Thank you Bi:Lingual, for giving us your answers!

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