Getting Cozy With… LAGO!

LAGO  Hello Toronto!

We’re LAGO, from Paris. One of us (yes we’re a duet and we’re brothers, but let’s stick to “one of us”) used to live in your country, in Montreal, where at least we get to choose between French and English (yes, sometimes we’re lazy, esti de câlice)!

We play cold-tropical music. If it’s not precise enough let’s imagine bongos played by Joy Division. Or synths played by Femi Kuti. We love when you listen a track for the first time and feel like it’s obvious and then you listen again and find out new things that make you listen again and again and again…

On stage we are only us two, Max on drums and Ben on guitar and machine. We picture ourselves as a mix between the Black Keys and Everything Everything, if it means something to you (yeah we like to play LOUD on stage).

We talked enough and we hope all this nonsense made you curious enough to listen to our music: we just released our first EP called Enduro.

We’re really glad our music get to know your side of the world before us, and we hope we’ll be there in person soon to play it live!

A bientôt!




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Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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