You’ve GOT to See This: “Diamonds and Coal”

Diamonds and Coal by The Dirties

The Dirties

This shouldn’t work: a very Scottish rapper in Andy Travers, offset by not entirely perfectly lip-synched vocals from Mikey Snee in a video that drummer Daniel Hunter appears to have been too busy to appear in – but there is just something about Glasgow six piece The Dirties that grabs the attention.

Diamonds and Coal is the band’s debut release and video so they can be forgiven if not every detail is perfect – there is room to grow and The Dirties have a lot of potential. For me Andrew Cowan grounds the track on bass, with guitarists Sean McGee and Patrick McHugh riffing off that with vocals from the unlikely vocal duo overlaying that.

There’s a dirty appeal to The Dirties and they’re maybe still a bit rough around the edges. But if they were playing their indie disco live At a gig I get the feeling that you’d want to be in on the party (albeit that you might not want to talk too much about what went down afterwards).

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