Getting Cozy With… The Amount Of Light We Give Off!

The Amount Of Light We Give OffA big blow to the head – a whack, coming from the side, whizzing through the air and landing with a thump. The strenght, shattering, bending us to the ground.

We circled the world, looked at it, circling, seeing things that could not be processed.

In the dark of this awe, many, standing – silently looking.

We are where we are, see what we see, hear what we hear and feel what we feel.

We are those standing. We are those looking. We are those hearing.

We are those hit and we are those hitting.

We are the sick and the black, the disappointed and sad.

We are those unconvinced, we are the bent and the blown,

we are those who will always rise again.

(…as sham lights shine on!)

– The Amount of Light We Give Off –



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Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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