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Dai & The RamblersHello AMBY readers,

We’re Dai & The Ramblers, a new folk ‘n’ blues band based in London. The band is made up of Dai Price (guitar and vocals), Rupert Gillett (double bass), Bob Loveday (fiddle) and Alan Dunn (accordion). Our début album is coming out on the 25th of November 2013, and is entitled “Duw Duw”, which means something like ‘oh my goodness’ in the Welsh language. Though we mostly play in London, we’re actually from various parts of the world – Dai is from South Wales (Dai is short for David in Wales), Rupert grew up in Germany, Alan is from Sheffield and Bob is South African.

We started off a year or so ago playing zydeco and Cajun tunes around clubs in the UK. I’ve been told that ‘Cajun’ is actually a corruption of ‘les Acadiens’, i.e. French speakers from what’s now the Maritimes. So in a sense we’re performing Canadian music, right? :) As a band we’re influenced by all kinds of stuff – 1950s R&B, zydeco, blues, bluegrass and so on. We’re also big fans of Canadian music, in particular The Band (we cover one of their songs on our album). We also love Neil Young, Oscar Peterson and one of my personal faves is jazz guitarist Lenny Breau. Okay, enough buttering you up by going on about how great Canadian music is!

What we’re doing is kind of niche, I guess, and we’re not expecting Justin Bieber-style world domination! We recorded our album over a few days with Liam Watson (the producer of The White Stripes’ Elephant), and we did it in the simplest way possible – a few mics, a couple of takes for each tune, straight to tape. Hopefully we’ve bottled some of the energy and spirit of our live gigs.

We just want to play music that makes people dance, and cut a few records that are the kind of records that we’d like to listen to. If that sounds like your kind of thing, please check out the songs below, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Over and out!

Dai & The Ramblers


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