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Cultural OtherThe band’s formation owes a lot to serendipitous circumstances, as a chance conversation between bassist James Campbell and drummer Kuba Mlezcko at a coffee bar in Guildford in October 2011 led to musical discussions and the forging of a strong rhythmic relationship after some initial jam sessions. Finding the missing piece to the jigsaw came about a few months afterwards through an inquisitive request from Kuba, approaching guitarist Andrea Venerus with his very ‘best’ Italian. There were no communication difficulties when it came down to creating music however, as after an initial practice it became clear that our three separate and distinct personalities were beginning to engender real musical chemistry. Collectively, our ‘secret weapon’ lies in the cultural makeups and origins of the band members. Drummer Kuba Mlezcko’s Polish-American roots, guitarist Andrea Venerus’s hot-blooded Mediterranean flare and bassist James Campbell’s hot headed Hispanic temperament accentuates the band’s distinctive musical ideologies, with lyrics which seek to explore the labyrinthine nature of the human condition and represent a podium for our staunch political affiliations simultaneously.

During our time playing together, we have dabbled and experimented a great deal and now are attempting to produce a musical product which is reinforced by a sturdy hard rock and melodic edge albeit there is room for spontaneity and unconventional rhythmic timings, for example. To date, we are confident that we have been able to successfully produce an all-enveloping ‘wall of sound’ in our performances and continuously provide a lot of space to our musical arsenal through a resilient rhythmic section.


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