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Minor WileyHello A Music Blog, Yea? Readers!

We are Minor Wiley, a three-piece rock band from Athens, GA. Our members are Dmitriy Rusanov (Bass/Vocals), Adam Weisberg (Drums), and Dylan Lundberg (Guitar/Vocals).

The three of us have known each other since we were pre-pubescent youngsters barely over three feet tall, but its really only been during the past two years that we have finally started to play music together in any kind of organized manner. Friends who grow up engaging in acts of hooliganism together tend to stay united, so the transition into making music made perfect sense.

We’ve just recently released our first EP “Relatives” online. It was recorded at Wizkid Sound in Atlanta during August of this year. We really hope that you all enjoy it, and we plan on releasing more songs in the coming months.

At the moment we are trying to play more shows and share our EP with as many folks as possible. Feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter anytime. We’re always hunting for new music to listen to and would love your suggestions. Hopefully one day we will have the opportunity to play for some of you guys in the near future.

Until then,

Minor Wiley


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