Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ GO WOLF

Go WolfIn a recent interview, A Music Blog, Yea? caught up with GO WOLF‘s Scott Jamison to talk about songwriting inspiration, new material, and the story behind their name. Want to know about this Belfast indie-pop trio? Look below:

AMBY: Hello GO WOLF, cheers for speaking with us! Please introduce yourselves to AMBY.

GO WOLF: Hi AMBY, we’re GO WOLF, a three-piece indie-pop band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Scott plays guitar and sings, Chris is on Bass, and Steve is our Drummer.

AMBY: What’s the band been up to lately?

GO WOLF: We’re just done in the studio recording a new track with our favourite producer, Rocky O’Reilly, which will hopefully appear as a single sooner rather than later. Speaking of which, we’ve just released ‘Voices’ which features on Kitsune Maison Compilation 15. We have a few shows lined up for Belfast Music Week and some big Christmas ones in the pipeline.

AMBY: Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?

GO WOLF: Lyrically, our songs always start with a single line that conveys a certain mood, usually dark and cinematic. Musically, I (Scott) am constantly working on ideas which we sit down together with and go through like how a rapper would pick beats. Then we try and match words and music and expand all the ideas into something bigger than the sum of its parts. In terms of theme and subject, we’re inspired by anything and everything; I find the most fruitful approach is just to live life and pay attention to the details. I keep a notebook with me all the time.

AMBY: Your song Voices was released earlier this week. What inspired the great tune?

GO WOLF: Self-medication. Other than that I can’t really say, the guts of the song came together in 10 minutes.

AMBY: Is there an EP or record in the works?

GO WOLF: Honestly, we don’t really know yet. We’re just writing the best material possible and then we’ll put it out in whatever way the most people will hear it. There will be something, sometime soon. We’ve got at least 2 golden tracks that no-ones heard yet, I can’t wait to get those out in whatever form.

AMBY: What’s the significance behind the name GO WOLF? And what other names had you thought of for the band?

GO WOLF: It was the only name we ever had for the band. We’d discussed wanting something animalistic, that worked as an imperative as well as name. I woke up one morning and it was just stuck in my head.

AMBY: Are there any groups from Belfast we should keep our eyes on?

GO WOLF: Joshua Burnside, Alana Henderson, Pigs As People, Affleck.

AMBY: Has there ever been a song you wish you wrote? And if so, which song?

GO WOLF: I hear at least one every day. Today it’s ‘Childhood’ by Subculture Sage.


Thank you GO WOLF, for giving us your answers!

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