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The French Pop DreamDear AMBY readers…

Hallo we are The French Pop Dream from England and France, and we make our music in London…

We always say our songs are summer pop brushed with the atmosphere of 1960s Paris. They are all stories about travelling round the world, working in cafes, wondering if life is somehow different somewhere else. You know how when you go abroad, there’s always a little 1 per cent feeling that it’s all somehow, I dunno, fictional? That.

Also: you know when you go abroad – France, Spain, Italy, anywhere – you dream of switching on the radio and being transported to a slightly different, pop universe where the colours are a bit brighter? We thought we should kind of try and make that come true, even if in a small way. Our album would be that imaginary radio station.

Our singer Anne Brugiere had made an album in French before we got together in London, an album that had won her awards in France – but she had never sung in English before. I already knew Myriam Gasser, a great accordionist and pianist who — I always say and I think it might be true – had once been French Young Musician of the Year. And everyone we asked to help us helped us, including Jamie West, who was once voted the best busker in London.

So now we’re making some records and maybe you will enjoy them?

Duncan, TFPD


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