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Gentlemen Husbands

Cobourg, Ontario rock and roll quartet Gentlemen Husbands are currently on tour supporting fellow Canadian musician Matthew Good. After the release of their latest EP House of Cards, the band released their debut music video for Shelter Valley. To find out what’s next on the recording front, AMBY spoke with Gentlemen Husbands’ lead vocalist Derrick Ballard!

AMBY: You recently released your new EP House of Cards. How’s it feel to finally have released it?

Gentlemen Husbands: It’s exciting to finally have something out there, some new music.

AMBY: The overall EP is extremely strong, and we’re loving all four of the songs. Do you have a particular favourite?

Gentlemen Husbands: To me, I write the lyrics, and to me the lyrics in Come Down are the most concise. I think it’s the most direct storyline that I’ve put out there.

AMBY: My favourite would probably have to be Bloodlines, that track on the EP really stands out for me. What’s the story behind the song?

Gentlemen Husbands: That song is about, to quote Gord Downie, it’s the “capacity to love”. It’s my own dealing with whether or not I have the capacity to love.

AMBY: You’ll be touring this EP while playing some shows with Matthew Good over this fall. If you could play anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Gentlemen Husbands: Oh, I don’t know. It would be nice to play a stadium show, wouldn’t it? It would be nice to play Wembley Stadium [laughs].

AMBY: You previously played with The Tragically Hip, and as we mentioned are on the Fall tour with Matthew Good. This made us curious, who would be in your ultimate line-up?

Gentlemen Husbands: I would love to open for Tom Petty, personally.

AMBY: Great, and is there anyone else you would add to the line-up?

Gentlemen Husbands: Counting Crows. So it would go us, Counting Crows, Tom Petty.

AMBY: And on the topic of other artists, who have you been listening to lately?

Gentlemen Husbands: I’ve been listening to The National quite a bit lately, and Lana Del Rey. Because I listen to lyrics first, and there are some pretty great writers involved in those projects I think.

AMBY: We know you just released your EP, but as far as next releases go, is there an album in the works?

Gentlemen Husbands: There certainly is an album in the works. The album is finished, actually. The EP includes four songs from the record.

AMBY: Oh, alright. And is there a release date for that yet?

Gentlemen Husbands: I think the tentative release is January of February 2014.

AMBY: This year so far has been quite busy for the band between all the exclusive premiers, shows, your latest release, and then playing CTV. What have been some of the highlights so far?

Gentlemen Husbands: That was certainly a highlight, that was our first TV appearance and it went well. So definitely a highlight there. That’s probably the biggest highlight of the whole thing so far, and I mean, making the video. This whole process of having a team, and professionals working with us; it sort of changes the whole feeling or it. We’ve been doing it for years on our own, and now having other people put their faith in us kind of gives it a whole new feeling.

AMBY: Now we have the last question of the interview, which is what’s something about Gentlemen Husbands that nobody knows yet?

Gentlemen Husbands: There’s probably lots of things that people don’t know [laughs].

AMBY: There is an alternative [laughs]. What’s the best part of being in Gentlemen Husbands?

Gentlemen Husbands: The best part of being in the band is sort of the freedom. Everyone I know, and everyone in my life knows that this is my priority. And that this is what’s most important.


Thank you Gentlemen Husbands, for giving us your answers!

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