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The Mirror Trap
Photo by David P Scott

Hello A Music Blog, Yea?

We are The Mirror Trap, a five piece rock n roll band from the city of Dundee in Scotland.

We make sort of noisey New Wave rock music, influenced by everything from Queens of The Stone to Kanye West, Joy Division and Nirvana.

We want our music to be a reaction to the sterile, wipe clean culture that is so dominant in the modern day, we want people to come to our shows and experience thirty minutes of sweaty freedom. Music should be inclusive to all, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race and economic standing, it is the perfect excuse for people to come together and forget the claustrophobic worries of everyday life. Art and music were once reactionary forces, but now seem to sit idly next to the established norms, never standing for anything, always in fear of alienating a potential sales market or revenue source, this is horribly wrong. Honesty is the only way to make a real connection.  We have recently finished recording an album, and are going to be releasing it in early 2014, in the meantime we have a single called American Dreams coming out on Monday November 18th. We have made a DIY music video for the single, using our extremely limited video editing skills, and will be putting it online on Monday November 4th. We are opening for Placebo in Leeds, England, on November 8th and playing a bunch of our own shows around the UK for the rest of the year.

Massive Love and Thanks,

The Mirror Trap


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