Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Luka State

The Luka StateOctober the 29th marked the beginning of The Luka State‘s UK tour. Comprised of Conrad Ellis (lead vocals/guitar), Sam Bell (bass), and Jess Whitmore (drums), this Winsford trio are creating modern, electronically enhanced, rock’n’roll. Before the release of their melodic debut single Matter Of Time, out on December 2nd, we spoke with The Luka State about Paul McCartney, dancing shoes, and they reveal a secret world exclusive!

AMBY: Hello The Luka State, cheers for speaking with us today! Please introduce yourselves to AMBY.

The Luka State: Welcome to The Luka State! We’re a modern, electronically enhanced, Rock’n’Roll 3 piece band (Conrad / Sam / Jess) with an extra man live (Danny) to help us create our massive, loud sound. We’re based in the North of England right between Liverpool and Manchester and we take no prisoners!

AMBY: What’s the band been up to lately?

The Luka State: We’ve been really busy recently writing a hell of a lot, spending time deconstructing the songs we sketch out, rebuilding them and getting them to they need to be. We’ve been gigging heavily and are just about to embark on our UK tour. CAN NOT WAIT FOR IT !! Not to mention the long hours we have been spending in the studio recording A LOT!

AMBY: How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

The Luka State: Hmm let’s just say you will love it. Not that we’re big headed or anything ha ha! Prepare to have your face melted off with our melodic rock on roll. We like to capture people from the first note, if you can’t do that then what’s the point!?

AMBY: Your debut single Matter of Time is released on December 2nd. What’s the story behind the song?

The Luka State: Anybody can relate to this song. Everyone has that feeling that eats them up inside when they strive to do something, when they set themselves a goal to get somewhere. The song is about that hunger of wanting something. And I belive that if you try so hard and you put 100% in, then it’s just a Matter Of Time before you get there.

AMBY: Is there an EP or album in the works?

The Luka State: Now that would be telling ;) At the end of the day a debut album is so important. You only get one shot at a debut. So our take on things at the moment is that we are going to be releasing single after single with great videos every other month until an album makes sense. It’s hard work but like I said that’s what were about.

AMBY: You have some upcoming live dates this month. What could fans expect from a The Luka State live show?

The Luka State: Tinitus! Expect exciting driving rock on roll and bring your dancing shoes ;) Live music is where it’s at for us although everything is important. We put absolutely everything into our live shows and I hope that comes across.

AMBY: If you could hang out with any three of your influences for a day, who would they be?

The Luka State: At the moment there’s a good few bands flying the flag for British rock n roll. Kasabian are one of those bands doing that, amazing live. I’m sure it would be cool to hang about for their soundcheck to see how the pull that massive sound of live.

Arctic Monkeys are another one of those bands flying the flag, let’s be honest they’re taking over the world at the moment. And he is one cool cat id love to go for a beer with Alex Turner.

Gonna go for a classic here. Imagine a night out with Jim Morrison… Enough said.

AMBY: You recently said that “2014 is going to be exciting year”. Could you give us a hint as what to expect?

The Luka State: You can’t predict the future! Well we can’t can you ? Fingers crossed it will be a good year for us. Expect the unexpected and some awesome tunes and videos too.

AMBY: What’s the best release of the year?

The Luka State: PSY took over the world last year didn’t he? No one’s quite topped that in 2013 have they? Hahah only joking. Album wise it has to be Arctic Monkeys – AM an amazing album I really respect bands who keep re inventing themselves. Kings Of Leon – Mechanical Bull easily one of their best albums for a while. Also Paul McCartney’s New is sounding cool, it still proves that he’s one of the best song writers in the world!

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about The Luka State that nobody knows yet?

The Luka State: World Exclusive! You read it here first! ;) Well then… when we were on tour in North America, Toronto to be exact, we met a fella called Luka, one of the nicest people I have met to date. A bit of a loose cannon and old enough to know better, but a real nice bloke. He just inspired us greatly, he had a mind set that I have never seen in anyone else, a way of living that inspired us all. Basically his state of mind was way out there. So after a gig one night at the after party we were all a bit sideways let’s say ;) and all agreed we had to name the band after the guy.


Thank you The Luka State, for giving us your answers!

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