Getting Cozy With… Predator/Prey!

Predator/PreyDear AMBY,

That’s right, come closer, let’s get cozy. The fire is lit and hints of cedar smoke warm the room.  Heavy wool blankets are on the couch and the house is creaking as it shifts under the weight of the cold air outside.  Thanks so much for inviting us in. We are Predator/Prey, and we belong outside, but we still love coming in from the cold to warm up a little.  Although we smell like dirt, smoke and wet fur, its an honest smell that conjures up the last time you sat in the snow, or plunged your hands in cold lake water, or got drenched in a rainstorm. And with those cold and crisp memories, doesn’t this room seems even cozier?

Our double-album, Predator/Prey is about the lives of wild animals.  Seven songs about predators, and seven songs about prey.  Each song explores a different aspect of life, from the perspective of a different North American wild animal.  Every song has a different feel based on its animal, but it all still fits together, in the same way that a forest in the Florida’s everglades is different yet has the same feel as the boreal forest in the Northwest Territories.  We recorded the double-album all across Canada with the help of some awesome musicians and artists, and just released it as a pay-what-you-can digital download.

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for letting us warm up with you. Now let us back out! Truthfully, we do love it so cozy, and our big black eyes do look cute, but everyone knows wild animals weren’t made for cuddling….



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