Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The People The Poet

The People The PoetAhead of the release of album The Narrator, AMBY spoke to lead vocalist of The People The Poet Leon Stanford to find out more about the concept and inspiration behind their debut album.

AMBY: You’ve just released your debut album The Narrator, the album is a collection of stories based on fans and friends experiences. What was the inspiration behind this idea?

TPTP: We had released two e.p’s at the time under our old name “tiger please”, writing personal songs and it got to a point where we wanted to write songs which meant something and I didn’t feel l had stories captivating enough in my own life at the time to keep the listeners, so we called on our fans to send their life stories in. It felt like a good idea to get songs which would have loads of meaning and it would be good to encourage music lovers to feel like they were buying more than just music! To fully experience the album you have to buy the physical copy and read the stories and feel the emotion of every song! Our aim was to make fans feel like they were buying a piece of art which was worth something!

AMBY: These stories obviously inspired you what’s been the reaction towards the songs from those involved?

TPTP: We’ve spent a long time perfecting the songs which was massively appreciated by the people who are involved and the inspiration behind the album. We’ve received a lot of kind words from them and brought closure to some people and their stories. It’s been a nervous couple of years awaiting their reaction but we’re so glad that it all paid off! Music is a powerful thing and it she be used to help people more in the same way as we hope to!

AMBY: Sing is a pretty emotional song, the first time I heard it was also the first time I heard Ashleys story to discover someone I knew had been through such a traumatic experience brought me to tears, to read through such personal stories must have been a pretty intense experience?

TPTP: It’s been a very intense experience and Ashley’s story wasn’t the only one that spoke about the subject of being sexually abused, we had another 3 or 4 in depth stories about it! When we asked for stories from fans I never thought we’d receive anything like we did, it did make me angry having to read the stories, but it was also inspiring to read the determination of those people survive after going through such a horrible time.

AMBY: Individually the songs represent the journey each person telling their story has gone through, do you feel collectively The Narrator represents your own transition from Tiger Please to The People The Poet?

TPTP: Definitely! The stories have allowed us to become a band we never would have dreamed of becoming before, the concept gives us an identity and helped us create something unique to stand over the thousands of talented bands in the UK! Tiger Please was a band formed to just write songs for fun, The People The Poet we still write songs for fun but now those songs have purpose and so do we!

AMBY: Now the The Narrator is complete what’s your favourite song on the album?

TPTP: I find the album gives me a new favourite every week/month but for the last month it has probably been “lives of your lovers” which is a tribute to a man called Ron Wadham who died trying to fight cancer, he never give up hope and the song is for everyone who has lost someone to cancer or is going through it. The song is written in hope that one day we will understand!

AMBY: And the one you are most proud of?

TPTP: I honestly can’t choose just one track, I’m so proud of the whole album!

AMBY: Can we expect any tour dates to support the release of the album?

TPTP:  You certainly can, we should be heading on the road hopefully early next years and we should be announcing our biggest home show to date soon.

AMBY: The Narrator has been three years in the making what’s next for The People The Poet?

TPTP: To share the album with as many people as possible and write and release the next one in under 3 years. Mainly to just carry on enjoying and doing what we love!


Thanks to Leon and Tyler for taking the time to speak to AMBY, for a preview of this fantastic album you can currently stream The Narrator over at Rock Sound.

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