You’ve GOT to See This: Declan Welsh – “A Mixed Night”

Declan Welsh20 year old Declan Welsh‘s twitter profile has a quote from The Smiths “Shakespeare’s Sister” against the backdrop of a cover profile of a young Billy Bragg. And that juxtaposition probably gives as good a flavour of his music as I’ll be able to give in this short review. The quote? Well “I thought that if You had an acoustic guitar, that it meant that you were a protest singer” of course.

For Declan the words really matter. His Soundcloud and Facebook pages are as likely to have a post to a poem as a link to a song (and the lyrics to those are posted too). And the language is sometimes earthy, but in a way that effectively delivers the raw emotion behind the songs rather than to be offensive.

A Mixed Night is an account of a night out and the encounters along the way, good, bad and ugly (although drink seems to take care of the latter”. It’s delivered in a strong Glaswegian accent, also with a guttural quality that does recall the aforementioned Billy Bragg. Is Declan a similar “angry young man”? Perhaps, but if that passion drives a music journey like Bragg’s that’s probably no bad thing.

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Gavin Watson | @watsongc

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