You’ve GOT To See This: The Darlingtons – “Don’t Give Me Hope”

The Darlingtons

The Darlingtons have been on our radar from the very beginning of AMBY. The reason? The Darlingtons deliver heartwarming, honest, and delicately crafted music. The quartet are getting ready to drop their debut self released single Don’t Give Me Hope, coming out on November the 25th. The single will be available to download on iTunes, but until then, The Darlingtons have released a visually stunning, emotion-evoking video for the song which takes you through beautiful landscapes (accompanied by beautiful music). Kiran Roy, Daniel Young, Alex Bispham, and Chris Holmes have come together to make something incredible, so lay back, press play, and let your eyes and ears do all the work.

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Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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