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LunarsHi A Music Blog, Yea?,

My name is Andrew Kluchareff and I resided in Melbourne Au. Lunars is a one man band, as much as I love people and playing music with friends I have my own ideas and I’m not willing to compromise, this has created friction, that can be a good thing if your Faith No More but I’m not Mike Patton, I’m to nice. There has been a band based around Lunars but now I currently play live on my own.

In a live setting can expect to see one man, loop pedals, drum machines, a laptop, guitar, a ukulele and a little percussion along with cool lights, projections and smoke machine. (to much to carry for one man to a show but I do anyway).

I recorded two E.P’s this year in my bedroom and have just begun recording an album which I expect to be releasing sometime in 2014. I’m really into mixing and fusing harsh sounds with glowing sweet sounds such as keys and vibraphones for example I love writing dark progressions layered with beautiful floating glowing melodies, bitter sweet!

I am currently listening to Braodcast and Jon Hopkins and my favourite  songwriter is Brian Wilson. Lunars is an extension for my love for music and my interest in space, science, the unexplainable, people, love and hate.

You’ll never hear the same Lunars recording twice but you can always count on this, Lunars recordings will always be dark, eerie and have a lot of energy.

Keep your ears to the ground for the album, I looking forward to showing you and thanks for your time.

Love Lunars (Andrew.K)


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