You’ve GOT to Hear This: Boha – “Boil”

BohaBoil is explicit sound art found somewhere between reality and dream land. It’s a gloomy but spiritually transcendent experience. An orchestra of thick digital processing, field sounds, guitar and synths quite literally boil through the headphones. Boha seeks to surpass common song formats that shock the listener with abrupt blasts of futuristic reverberation. With field recordings, collected over a year and an adaption of live instrumentation during shows, he has mastered the usually unattainable skill of fostering a relationship between musical and non musical sounds. It allows the non musical noise to interact with melodies through tasteful rhythm. Boil is suspended in a confused state of analog magic and sensual realism. Each track is an uncoiling cruise through a divergent world. The resonating emotion of ‘Soft Square’ and the delicate darkness of ‘Solstice’ help secure respect for the beautifully crafted masterpiece.

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Josefa Cameron

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