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Escape to New YorkHi to all the A Music Blog, Yea? readers out there!

We’re a four-piece from Derby in the UK called Escape to New York – not Escape from New York, the brilliant John Carpenter film starring, possibly one of the worlds greatest guys alive, Kurt Russell!

Now we have that out of the way you will hopefully have learned three things about us. 1) We know our name. 2) We can legitimately count to four. 3) We’re big into our movies. All three of which are important traits you must possess to be allowed to join Escape to New York.

Music-wise, overall we’re influenced by bands like The National, Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire and M83 but individually our influences get further and further apart from each others, from orchestral scores to pop-punk to electronic trip-hop.

Our single ‘Growing Pains’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by our guitarist Ben Gurer and our music video to go with it was directed and edited by our bassist Drew Davis, so we’re very much a DIY band!

The single track is off our up-and-coming EP called ‘A Long Time Between Monsters’ (10 points to whoever gets that, kinda obscure, film reference!)

Thanks for reading!

Ben, Dan, Drew and John

Escape to New York


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