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Sydney quartet Convaire have released an insanely infectious indie-pop single, Talk In Technicolour, which is a bright track with a funky disco spin. To learn more about Convaire’s origins and what’s next, A Music Blog, Yea? spoke with vocalist John Towey about the single, favourite albums of the year, and the ultimate disco song.

AMBY: Hello Convaire, cheers for speaking with us today! Please introduce yourselves to AMBY.

Convaire: Convaire is Nick Coppola on drums, Liz Slattery on vocals and synth, Dan Talbot on bass and synth, and John Towey on vocals, guitar and synth. We have a lot of friends who sometimes join in with us here and there, but the four of us are the main members.

AMBY: What’s the band been up to lately?

Convaire: Up until recently we’ve been working on our new release, the single Talk in Technicolour. We had really enjoyed recording it, and also had a lot of fun putting together all the things that make up a release – working on our first video and choosing some remixes that we’re really excited about. We also recently did a remix for French band Portland which was released on Kitsune Maison which turned out really great. Other than that we have just being getting on with our less exciting everyday lives.

AMBY: How did fusing disco and indie-pop become an important part of your sound?

Convaire: From the start we wanted to make music that people could dance to. We all have a very different tastes in music, but something we connect on is 80’s pop sounds as well as bands that lean in that direction so that was a big part of our sound with our first EP. With this release we wanted to do something different, and given we were listening to a lot of disco music – particularly DFA records stuff and French House bands like Breakbot and Daft Punk – it was bit of a natural progression for us.

AMBY: You recently shared your new, groovy single Talk in Technicolour. What’s the story behind the song?

Convaire: We finished of writing Talk in Technicolour towards the end of last year and decided we wanted to release it as a stand alone single given it was a bit of a departure from the sound on ‘The New You’ EP. The demo for the track was done in a similar style to the EP, with soft synths and drum machines, and although we love that sound we decided we wanted to record a lot of the song live – with live drums, live guitars, live synths, live everything. So we packed up our gear and tracked it at studio 301 which is a massive, slick studio in Sydney. We really enjoyed the experience although it did make things a little longer to track, edit and mix. In the end it was worth it as the final result is something we’re very happy with.

AMBY: What inspired the artwork for Talk in Technicolour?

Convaire: The artwork comes from the video – you can check it out below.

AMBY: Is there an EP or album in the works?

Convaire: We’re working on an EP that we’re hoping to release early next year – after that we’ll probably look to start working on an album, however we’ve been promising that for awhile now.

AMBY: Which other bands from Sydney should we keep our eyes on?

Convaire: PANAMA are one of our favourite bands at the moment. A lot of people would have already heard of them, however they’re definitely work checking out if you haven’t already.

AMBY: What’s the ultimate disco/dance song?

Convaire: Let’s Dance by David Bowie is a classic. I think we can say that we have dropped it every time we have DJed. You just can’t go wrong with the Duke.

AMBY: What’s the best release of the year?

Convaire: Both fairly predictable, but Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories has to take it for best album and Arcade Fire’s Reflektor for best song. Arcade Fire and James Murphy with a touch of Bowie is a match made in heaven. We’re also really digging Sky Ferriera’s new album.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Convaire that nobody knows yet?

Convaire: A lot of people don’t realise that Liz who currently plays in the band and Jane who is in the band but currently overseas are sisters. They don’t look completely alike, but when you hang around them it doesn’t take long to figure out the connection!


Thank you Convaire, for giving us your answers!

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