You’ve GOT to Hear This: The Two’n‘Eights – “Why”

THE TWO'N'EIGHTSWriting for a music blog is a great thing, but sometimes I’ve got so many other things to do that I don’t have the time to write new articles and often miss the latest songs bands release which is really unfortunate. Luckily, I’ve got nice music-making friends who always keep me up to date with their most recent singles.

It was that way I got introduced to the Two’n’Eights’ new track “Why” and I can’t believe it would have almost passed me without noticing it because it’s simply brilliant.

The four-piece Midlands band once again proves that they deserve to be heard by a bigger audience. In this song they combine some fancy guitar riffs with stellar lyrics which reminds me of a very, very rockish Oasis song which is wonderful.

When I talked to Jono, the singer of the band, he told me this about the tune:

“’Why’ is a half myth, half fact song written about how the world turns around you and the different emotions you go through in life. It’s a ‘never say die’-attitude song”; with the message: “don’t let the moment or opportunity pass you by, because you might not get another one.”

A song about “Living in a dream world and making that dream happen. Why?? Why not?! ;)”

So why not listen to the new song ‘Why’ by The Two’n’Eights right now?

Come on, do it, spread some love for them, “don’t let the opportunity pass by!”

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