You’ve GOT to Hear This: RHODES – “Raise Your Love”


24 year old singer-songwriter RHODES released his debut EP Raise Your Love on October 28th. To put things simply, it’s four tracks of pure bliss.

The EP’s opening song Run begins tenderly with soft-spoken vocals which, in the bridge, are slowly joined by haunting backing vocals. The verse gracefully flows into the chorus where RHODES’ voice is gently echoed by a ghostly backing chant. My personal favourite part of the song is the final chorus as it slowing builds itself up into this incredibly strong ballad-resembling section.

Following Run is Worry, which is slower and far more sombre of a song. The third song on Raise Your Love is Darker Side. The backing vocals completely stand out for me on this specific song. It’s clear that the vocals are continuously pushing themselves throughout the EP; and in this song, they slowly get to the point of nearing eerie, yet that dark mysteriousness pulls you back into how beautiful it all sounds. It may be simple, but who cares when it sounds so perfect and crisp in the end.

Then, of course, we’re at the grand finale: Raise Your Love. This song captures what I feel to be the entire essence of RHODES; simple melody, it features his distinct and elegantly dusty vocals, and it was created with a whole lot of soul. I absolutely love how you can feel the soulfulness throughout this EP.

The entire EP rings in at under twenty minutes, and although part of you will want to hear more, the EP leaves you feeling musically satisfied and impressed.

RHODES’ next live show is on December 3rd in London at Servant Jazz Quarters (tickets). However, if you haven’t had the chance to catch him live yet, enjoy Run below:

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