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The NurseryHi there,

When people ask us what we sound like we usually say “we sound like movies for your ears”. Each song has it’s own character, story and scene. We feel that songs live and breathe and have a life of their own. You must allow them be expressed like this instead of trying to streamline them all into one sound, character or feel. We always write about what we believe in, and what we don’t believe in.

The Nursery began with Alex Pulec and Victor Ess in the east end of Toronto. The two began writing songs together January 1st 2013 after stepping away from the projects they were both independently leading. Alex had just left The Ruby Spirit and moved into space where he built a rehearsal and recording studio. Victor who was in an electronic rave punk duo moved into the house that Alex lived and recorded in. Soon enough they found an uncanny middle ground mixing ideas and writing music.

Within a few months the lineup was completed with Jared Roth and Nate Finucci and they released the album ‘Carnival Nature‘. It’s been called “psychedelic”, “indie rock”, “odd ball”, “synth folk”, “eccentric”. It was produced by a long time collaborator Tony Malone who had also worked with me on my previous projects record. Together we and a cast of incredible guest musicians completed Carnival Nature in the summer of 2013.

We just released our first video for “This Wild Heart” and we can’t be more excited. Please check it out!

Thanks all for taking the time to read this and I hope you take a moment to listen to our music and drink it in. Get in touch with us too. Don’t be a stranger, be stranger.

x Alex Pulec / The Nursery


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