PREMIERE: Geraint Rhys – “Ble Mae’r Haul?”

Geraint RhysWe’re delighted to share with the world Geraint Rhys‘ latest music video and release, “Ble Mae’r Haul?”. Here are some words from the artist himself:

Hey there world of AMBY, here is my second music video released in as many months and continues the collaboration with a local Welsh director Simon Bartlett. He directed my first English language release ‘Think Again’ which you should really go check out, and a special video recorded for AMBY we did earlier this year. All can be viewed here so please check what I am doing. The plan is to release a video which will accompany a new single each month until the release of my debut album ‘All That is Left is Us’ in early 2014.

This particular song means ‘where is the sun?’ and is written about the future of the Welsh language, and the feelings of speaking a minority language within a world dominated by the English language. You can buy it on iTunes and Amazon and is available in most online stored so please come check me out and let me know what you think.

Peace and Love,

Geraint Rhys

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