Pianos: Out With the Old, In With The New

KeysSometimes it is necessary to buy used or reconditioned products. We’re all looking to save money wherever we can and buying used is usually a fantastic way to do this; new cars, phones and TVs are a huge investment and usually, if we find a reliable seller who treats their property with respect, we can find a product in practically perfect condition at a fraction of the price, but for some purchases it’s still best to spend a little bit extra and buy new.

There’s a vintage nostalgia associated with older pianos but more often than not the quality isn’t there. Before television became the centrepiece of our living rooms every home aspired to own an instrument to add entertainment to the evenings and bring families together which makes older pianos a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, they often lack the modern craftsmanship which makes the latest pianos such a valuable investment.

There is a multitude of reasons why a brand new or modern piano is the best choice for your family both now and for the future:

Coping With Modern Environments

It isn’t just the music played that has adapted and evolved over the decades, it’s the way pianos and digital keyboards are made. Pianos, as with anything second hand, are subject to wear and tear over the years and this is reflected in the difference in price, but older models tend to be less durable overall than those fresh from the manufacturer.

  • Age Old Problems – Many vintage pianos were not built to withstand modern-day central heating systems which have a significant effect on temperature and humidity within the home. They were built to combat colder, damper environments and their glues, structure and wooden parts don’t cope well with dryer surroundings.
  • Modern Solutions – Every component of a modern piano is specifically designed to flourish in centrally heated homes. The wood is dried before the piano is built so it has a lower moisture content that won’t be susceptible to warping and the glues, leathers and felts are treated to increase the strength and durability of the structure.

Innovative Designs

The piano hasn’t remained stagnant since its invention. Just like with automobiles, electronics and appliances pianos have been developed by designers and manufacturers to improve their efficiency, responsiveness, range, durability and reliability so newer models perform at a higher standard.

Digital keyboards have broken new musical ground in the last few decades. Their versatility makes them a fantastic tool for musicians at any level to practice their skills -they produce incredible sound and they contain all of the components you need to learn. They contain in-built metronomes, recording devices, headphones and integrated apps to streamline your learning and improve your performance making them an increasingly popular choice, especially for beginners.


With a new piano you have the security of a manufacturer’s warranty so you are protected if anything should go wrong. Typical warranties can last anywhere from a few years to a lifetime but when choosing a used model you are reliant on the seller.

  • Trust In The Seller – There is always a certain amount of security that comes with buying a new model, it is a blank canvas and you can be sure nothing has gone wrong prior to your purchase. When you buy a used piano you have to take the sellers word at face value and trust that they aren’t withholding any information.


Modern pianos are built to last and built to last well. The structure of older pianos will have suffered through the years and been subject to decades of string tension and wear. Older pianos are not built to the same stringent standards as modern pieces which are made to be an investment.

There are many considerations to make when choosing the right piano. A modern piano is a solid choice for anyone who intends to get good use out of their instrument and a piano is still, even in the age of laptops, tablets and TVs, a fantastic and entertaining addition to any home.

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