Concert Review // Temples @ The Horseshoe Tavern

The large crowd piled on top of each other in the back of the Horseshoe Tavern, to sticky and sweaty levels, and for a while I jostled elbows with photographers and clamoring fans to get a good view of the boys from across the pond. At first, the only recognizable feature I could make out was the bob of big hair across the stage. Immediately, the boys launched into their psychedelic glam-rock, straight out the 60s. The British band takes me back to how I imagine the London underground to have been, once; images of steaming subway tunnels and dim, flickering lighting.

An air of nostalgia seems to permeate the room, and it’s as though the band is out of place or missed its time, or perhaps they’re just bringing it back. Bowie would be proud. With glitter on their eyes and in their souls, Temples is bringing back those days of big hair and big style. It’s nice to see the return of glam-rock, whether or not the world is ready for it or receptive to it. The music itself relies heavily on swooping guitars, and powerful drum lines. Temples straddles the line between rock and grunge, which manifests into a completely original sound.

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Emily Fox | @foxyfoxe

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