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Run For Cover Records has indisputably been one of the best record labels this year, putting out brilliant records and connecting with fans in a way no label has don in a very long time. One major reason why they have been so successful is due to the videos being put out by RFC Records weekly that allow fans to see exactly what goes on at Run For Cover and gives fans a sense of being that no label is doing. The man behind the majority of these videos is Alex Henery (ex-Basement) who took his passion for making videos and moved to Boston to work for Run For Cover. We caught up with Alex recently and asked about videos, skating, and Run For Cover. Here is, Alex Henery.

AMBY: How often do you skate to church?

Alex Henery: I used to have the best skate route to church back when I was studying in Nottingham. I would bomb hills and ollie over the man holes, plus the roads were newly paved so it was perfectly smooth. I would be so siked not only to go to church but just to skate there. Unfortunately I live like a mile from the church I go to in Boston and it’s not a great route, so not so much these days.

AMBY: Any plans on putting out more of your own skate videos?

Alex Henery: I’ve never put out a skate video, just clips filmed here and there, nothing serious. I think filming skating has a whole separate set of skills that are required to make something look awesome and I’m not that good at it to be honest. It’s awesome though when you see someone who is amazing at filming skaters, it makes watching skate videos such an amazing experience when the visuals are done right.

AMBY: People have been accusing Run For Cover of making money off of Basement after you guys have broken up. How do you feel about that?

Alex Henery: People are stupid.

AMBY: Every video you’ve been putting whether it be a music video, gear talk, or photographer series; has been met with huge success. Is there any pressure with upcoming projects now that you’ve gained a great reputation for making quality videos?

Alex Henery: I feel pressure with music videos, not that much from other people, mainly just myself. I am my own worst enemy and within a day of releasing a video I don’t like it or regret something about the way it was it was shot. I’m a perfectionist and I find it really hard to be truly happy with my own work. But I have found over time some videos grow on me and I end up liking them more than I did when it was first finished.

AMBY: Speaking of, where did the idea for Daylight‘s new video come from?

Alex Henery: When filming the video for Life in a Jar I was sitting with Taylor from Daylight and we were talking about treatment ideas. I randomly played No One’s Deserving and the first lyrics ‘Afraid to be myself’ made me just think of someone putting on a crazy mask to be liked by others. We thought it was funny and kept brainstorming the idea until we had a rough narrative. It was fun to finally do a video that had a narrative that played out through the video. It was super nerve racking filming it because I kept thinking it was going to turn out awful. 99% of narrative videos are terrible and I really didn’t want this to come out corny. I think the dark comedy edge helped the video turn out alright and not be taken too seriously.

AMBY: In a recent Tuesdays With Tay you mentioned you were starting a band in Boston. How’s that been going?

Alex Henery: Good, we’re writing and plan to record soon.

AMBY:  What’s the biggest difference between the music scene in Massachusetts and the music scene in Suffolk?

Alex Henery: There isn’t one in Suffolk. So it’s kind of hard to compare them. Also I’m not really plugged in with the ‘scene’ in Boston, I go to shows but I don’t really know that much about what’s going behind the scenes. But I really appreciate all the promoters and venues that put on awesome shows throughout the year.

AMBY: What’s the best song of 2013?

Alex Henery: I can’t pick a favorite, here are 3 I’ve played a lot this year. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Swim and Sleep [Like a Shark], Wet – Dreams, Ovlov – The Well.

AMBY: What’s something about Alex Henery that nobody knows?

Alex Henery: If I had the choice I would like to die in an airplane crash. Reason 1. You’re strapped in and the seats are comfortable 2. I like roller coasters 3. It would be a cool story.


Thank you Alex Henery, for giving us your answers!

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