Getting Cozy With… Silver Trees!

Silver TreesWhat’s up AMBYers!

We are the Nashville indie/folk band, Silver Trees, and the good people at A Music Blog, Yea? have given us this opportunity to get cozy with you!

So Silver Trees actually started as a musical partnership between Nashville artists Paul J. Johnson (who wrote the songs and what you’re currently reading) and Chase Coy (who produces the music and handles a lot of the instrumentation).  Throughout 2013 we made, and recently released, our debut EP, ‘Paper Hearts’.

Now we know when you think “Nashville” you might think cowboy hats & honky tonks, but we reassure you that Silver Trees is something different entirely, taking it’s queues from artist like Bon Iver, Lord Huron, the Lumineers ….. and when no one else is in the car maybe a little Katy Perry.

As for the future of the band, Silver Trees looks forward to following up our debut release in 2014 and playing out the Paper Hearts EP to as many people who will listen.  We’re truly grateful for the opportunity to share our story and some of our music with you, and as a former North Dakota kid I feel like we’ve got some good neighborly vibes with all you good people from Canada!

Thanks for giving us a listen!

-Silver Trees


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