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Glue Trip

Brazilian duo Glue Trip (Lucas Moura and Felipe Augusto) create psychedelic dream pop accompanied by beautiful lyrics — my personal favourite being “dreams never been so high, I will try not to rewind”. I first heard their dreamy track Lucid Dream three months ago and have been waiting to hear more ever since. Lucky enough, the band released their new song Sophie last month. AMBY recently asked Glue Trip about their name, animals masks, trippy songs, and what’s next. Give their answers a read below:

AMBY: Hey Glue Trip, thanks for speaking with us. Please introduce yourselves to AMBY.

Glue Trip: Glue Trip is Lucas Moura and Felipe Augusto, two Brazilians living in João Pessoa, capital city of Paraíba, playing and producing music in our studio, the AP 307.

AMBY: Where did the name Glue Trip come from?

Lucas: About 4 years ago I recorded these weird pop songs in my laptop, but never showed them to anyone. So I showed a couple of songs to a friend and after listening he told me that the music reminded him of some kind of “viagem de cola”(literally glue trip in Portuguese) so I started to use this unusual translation and really liked it. Just after that I met Felipe and we started producing the first 2 songs of the project: Júlio and Tropikaoss. After creating it we didn’t had a name for the project and decided to use Glue Trip because it really fitted with the proposal.

AMBY: I must ask, what’s the story behind the animal and face masks?

Glue Trip: We always wanted to cover our faces with a mask or something else. That way no one in our really small town would recognize us and assimilate the Glue Trip sound to any of ours past bands. One day we had to take some pictures for a press release and we didn’t really have time to figure out what we wanted to use, luckily I found this tiger mask and a guerrilla scarf in my car, we dressed up and it looked like we planned our visual concept for nights.

AMBY: Lucid Dream is incredibly trippy and dreamy. What inspired the song?

Glue Trip: The songs are inspired by the story of a guy that dreams about flying and he is searching for a place to go, but he figures out that he doesn’t need to get somewhere, he just needs to keep flying and enjoy that feeling. Musically Washed Out, Panda Bear, Tame Impala and Burnier & Cartier inspired Lucid Dream!

AMBY: Does hailing from João Pessoa, Brazil have an influence on your sound? And if so, how?

Glue Trip: For sure! João Pessoa is a really cool place to live, it’s always hot and sunny so that influences us to make a more tropical sound, but we are not too attached to the local music and traditions because of that our sound ends up having a really exotic aesthetic. And yes, we are highly influenced by Brazilian music, but we don’t think much about that when we start recording a new song, we just let the song flow.

AMBY: What’s the music scene like in João Pessoa?

Glue Trip: João Pessoa is a small town full of talented bands but the music and production scene doesn’t support so many bands. Most of the bands play for a really small cache or even for free, just to show their sound and that’s really cool when you are in the beginning of your project, but if you accept that for too long, they just won’t respect the band as artists and you won’t see the return of all hard working hours you spent rehearsing, creating music, recording and etc. The lack of financial return requires the musicians to have other jobs; slowly it becomes hard to keep the focus on your music, considering all that is usually involved. Unfortunately the idea in João Pessoa is that there’s no way we can live as musicians, and that is perpetuated by everybody in the industry. So it’s a really good felling to be appreciated and prove that those concepts aren’t necessarily true.

AMBY: What’s the craziest thing to happen to you as a band?

Glue Trip: We were going to play a gig in Natal with Mahmed (a really cool band) but the owner of the bar cancelled it when we were hitting the road to Natal because it was raining very heavily. So we went back to João Pessoa, really bummed out because we wanted to play that night and we rehearsed for the whole week. So we went to a bar and started drinking some cachaça and a couple of phone calls later we closed a gig at really cool place! People were just waiting for us to play when we arrived and it was a really fun and crazy night.

AMBY: You are allowed to say one sentence, which will reach the whole world. What would you say?

Glue Trip: “Talent doesn’t perpetuate without dedication” By Sergio Aires Tobasso

AMBY: What’s next as far as recording goes?

Glue Trip: We recently released Sophie and we just found a really cool track that I thought was lost. So after releasing Old Blood (the lost track) in December we are going to start recording new songs to release in 2014.

AMBY: What’s the best release of the year?

Glue Trip: I really loved the Foxygen, Chance the Rapper and Unknown Mortal Orchestra albuns The UMO album it’s so fucking good, all the melodies are stuck in my head for a long time. I am always singing their melodies unconsciously.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Glue Trip that nobody knows yet?

Glue Trip: Elbow Pain and Birds Singing Lies were recorded using a pair of broken monitors! We could only hear the left side of the music! Thanks to headphones we made a decent mix! ahah


Thank you Glue Trip, for giving us your answers!

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  1. Thank you for interviewing GlueTrip and giving us more insight into their music, lives and trips :) I came across this band when I smoked pot and couldn;t get myself get over their music especially Lucid Dream and Elbow Pain. I wish you to continue to interview such great talented artists and help them showcase their lives to fans. Thank you once again.

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