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We’re WASI, a riot-pop, female duo based in Los Angeles, CA. We were raised on Orange County, So Cal nights of skinny dipping and thrashy garage punk shows, blending Calvin Harris and Blink 182’s one night stand with the vibe of the 80’s.

You can find us relentlessly selling CDS and making friends on the street with a pair of headphones and  music in hand. We teamed up back in high school when we booked a show before we even had a band formed. 8 years and many musical projects later, we formed WASI (recently changed from We Are / She Is) to help us over analyze life, social injustices, douche bags and the like. Giving back where you can is really important to us and, for now, all the music bought on our Bandcamp goes directly toward Typhoon Yolanda Relief.

We have a lot of plans lined up for early 2014! New Music. New Videos. New Merch. New Insane Shows. We’re Pumped.

xo Cosmo & Jess


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