Concert Review // The Stacks and Broken Witt Rebels @ The Victoria

BWRRight away I have to admit that this probably might have well been my favourite gig in Birmingham this year. Fantastic promoter Chris Johnson Presents… got together some of the Midlands’ best bands, including the rock bands Broken Witt Rebels and The Stacks. Everyone attending was massively excited about the gig and Saturday night, 7th December couldn’t come soon enough.

The sound check went well, and the first two acts, Elison and Midnight Wire, were pretty good. Before the Rebels conquered the stage, more music lovers came to The Victoria Pub in Birmingham to support two absolutely brilliant bands and got part of a special night I’ll never forget.

Of course, Broken Witt Rebels played an awesome show, starting off with a new song, followed by class tracks like “Cloud My Day”, “All Worn Out”, “Call Out The Sun” and “Only I”, the last three named will also be on their EP “This Town Belongs To Me”, which will be released shortly before Christmas and is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon now.

Furthermore, they even played one extra song, they did their cover of The Black Keys’ “I Got Mine” and James Tranter played the guitar with his teeth. The whole crowd which witnessed the gig was just brilliant, pushing the band, singing along to the songs, jumping around, screaming “Up the Rebels” and everyone was having an amazing time. It even got that far that the “Rebels”-chants got so loud and wouldn’t end so Broken Witt Rebels played another encore song and some fans even entered the stage during the last song.

All in all, Broken Witt Rebels played a fantastic set, consisting of energetic classics and very promising new songs and if this band isn’t already on your radar it should be from now on. Believe the hype, the four lads have a lot of plans for the next year and they will never disappoint you. Up the Rebels!

The Stacks

Next on were The Stacks, a four-piece band from the Midlands, producing some first-class Indie Rock which immediately brings you into a dancing mood. The Stacks delivered a good stage performance and this combined with the genius set of songs they have built up so far, will turn every show you see them into a massive party. Dan Smith (Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Ben Monaghan (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Jimmy Russell (Bass/Backing Vocals), and James “Dudders” Dudley (Drums) have so much potential that the only thing they’d need to start through now would be some more fans, so if you have some time, please listen to The Stacks, start to follow them and make sure you’ll never miss an update from this promising band anymore!

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