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Friends of BenHello AMBY readers,

My name is Rory and I am the frontman for indie pop band Friends Of Ben.

We are a three piece from Brisbane, Australia. The other members of Friends Of Ben are Aled and Damian. We also record and perform as a six piece with the help our mates (Australian for friends) Tom, Jackson, and Stu.

At the moment it is very hot in Brisbane, Australia because it is summer. Aled, Damian and I do not like the summer because it makes us sweat and because we like wearing jackets and we can’t wear jackets in summer because they make us sweat.

We have just released our single named after the sweatiest of seasons. It is a title which is far more apt in Brisbane, Australian at the moment than it is in NameatowninCanada, Canada.

But regardless of where you are and/or if you are wearing a jacket … you will like our song “Summer” if you like BIG EMOTIONAL pop songs that make you FEEL shit.

Listen & enjoy.




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