You’ve GOT to See This: The Guilty Souls – “Lately”

The Guilty SoulsThe Guilty Souls are a new four piece from Glasgow who have just released an acoustic version of their first song Lately, which showcases lead singer Joe Bole’s stunningly soulful voice to good effect. There’s a range and depth to the vocal that really gave me goosebumps when I first heard the track.

The band have yet to play a live show yet as far as I can see, but that is soon to be remedied with a gig at Slouch in Glasgow on December 29th. With assured musicianship from Chris Warren on lead guitar, Francesco Di Cosmo on bass and Ian Baird on drums this gig is likely to be a highlight of the festive season.

“Lately” feels like an instant classic and if the band maintain that standard they are set for a bright future. They have put an MP3 of the track out a a free download on ReverbNation, and it’s certainly worth getting your hands on it there.

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