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Smug Brothers
Photo by Jordan Frei

Hi AMBY Readers!

Smug Brothers here in Dayton, Ohio. A land of great innovations and five rivers. Between the four current members, there is about half a century of music playing. So, yeah, we really like doing this. Don & Kyle also serve as music writers here in Dayton and beyond, run Gas Daddy Go! [] and organize the annual Dayton Music Fest []. No, seriously … we REALLY like music….

Thing is, we can’t stop writing. So, many times whoever happens to be around when we hit record is on the track. While the live band is four members [Brian/Don/Kyle/Larry], our upcoming Strictly Triggers EP features nine members.This EP will be out by the end of the year, but there is also a full-length album, On the Way to the Punchline, soon to follow in February. Once those are out, there is already work starting on another release. No, seriously…we CAN’T stop writing songs…

As always, we worked with founding Smug Brother Darryl Robbins [of the amazing Motel] to produce the new EP and album. We also worked with the incredibly talented Andy Smith [Check out his band:] on our new video for “They Are Fluid”. In between times working with Smug Brothers, our guitarist Brian also fronts his own band, Brat Curse [] / No, seriously, there are a LOT of talented musicians in Dayton…

So, thanks for allowing us to introduce ourselves and play you a few songs. If you ever find yourself in Dayton, Ohio, look for the little yellow house and stop in for a few beers and some songs…


Smug Brothers


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