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Phillip NossHi there AMBY readers!

My name is Phillip Noss and I’m a singer-songwriter based in New York City. Currently, I’m gearing up to release my debut album Lover on the Run this January. The record has an alt-country/rock flavor and channels the spirit of artists like Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen. It features an equal balance of anthemic up-tempo songs and melancholy ballads with subject matters ranging from love to death.

Included below is a link to /// “Keep This In” /// the first music video and single off the album. The video is the beginning of a trilogy that dramatizes three songs off the album linking them together with an arching storyline. It paints a portrait of two twenty-somethings’ burgeoning romance and was shot at various locations around Brooklyn including Coney Island and Rockaway Beach. We’re releasing the second installment /// “Lover on the Run” /// this January so stay tuned to see what happens next.

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