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Samantha Crain
With her new album Kid Face out on January 13th via Full Time Hobby in the UK, Samantha Crain has indulged us with her nostalgic single Somewhere All The Time. The Americana singer-songwriter recently spoke with A Music Blog, Yea? about the new album, favourite lyrics, humourous gig moments, and inspirations. Have a read of our conversation here:

AMBY: Hello Samantha, cheers for speaking with us today. What have you recently been up to?

Samantha Crain: Pretty much just been touring a lot. I think I’ve played like 110 shows since April of this year.

AMBY: How would you classify your sound to all of your listeners?

Samantha Crain: Well I don’t think there is really a need to classify genre if someone is already listening to me. But if I needed to put a name on what I’m doing for someone who hadn’t heard me before, I like calling it Frontier folk rock. Its a different breed then Americana because I think Americana music is a little more based around blues music, and I think of my music as moving music, travel log music. It never has time to settle into sounding like one particular thing because its taking little bits of every town it rolls through.

AMBY: You release your new album Kid Face in the new year. What’s the significance behind the title of the LP?

Samantha Crain: Well I think Kid Face has already been available in Canada for about a year now. It’s only being released in UK/Europe just now. But the title of the record is a nod to the asymmetries between the age that I look, the age that I feel, and the age that I am.

AMBY: Your new single Somewhere All The Time (taken from the forthcoming LP) sounds lovely. What’s the story behind the track?

Samantha Crain: I love to travel. I was born with the appetite deep in my bones. I am routinely asked if traveling so much and being away from home so often is hard. For some touring musicians, perhaps it is hard, perhaps this lifestyle isn’t something they desire, perhaps they just accept it as part of their lot in order to keep making music. For me, however, it isn’t hard. It is my obsession and my method. I am on the go for the better part of my year even when I’m not playing shows and despite the clunky, high mileage vehicles breaking down every once in awhile. Once in a blue moon though, I do need the rest and familiarity of Oklahoma.

AMBY: Which lyric off of Kid Face is your favourite?

Samantha Crain: I’m not mad, I’m conflicted

You’re not bad, you were lifted

From yourself with your lamb-like heart

And I’m your clone, that’s what makes it hard

—from “We’ve Been Found”

AMBY: What’s the funniest thing to happen to you while at a gig?

Samantha Crain: Once my band at the time played a joke on me where they got a whole bunch of other musicians (string players, horn players, percussionists, etc) like 10 people, to learn the end of this song called “Lions” and without me knowing they just had them all come out at the end for this really triumphant finale from backstage. It was really beautiful and hilarious too. I wish there was video of it.

AMBY: Music stimulates a variety of senses; which senses stand out as triggers to inspire your music?

Samantha Crain: I guess sight plays the biggest part, I’m usually writing about visual observations. But aural senses are huge too, silence is one of the best things for me and can be so inspiring. I need silence to think and create.

AMBY: What’s the best release of the year?

Samantha Crain: “In the Throes” by John Moreland

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Samantha Crain that nobody knows yet?

Samantha Crain: I feel like people know enough about me, more than I’d like, so there won’t be any shocking super personal detail here. But I will tell you that I’m awesome at baking pies and I collect thimbles.


Thank you Samantha Crain, for giving us your answers!

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