Getting Cozy With… Stillwave!

Photography by Frans van Arkel

Dear AMBY readers!

We are Stillwave. Three guys hailing from Utrecht, the Netherlands. We’d love to take a moment to tell you who we are and what we are all about. What we share is a longing to create, as well as an all consuming appreciation for sound and noise. Together we attempt to write music that matters to us, in order to cope with and exhale whatever is moving us in one direction or another. We met long ago in high school and what started as friendship, evolved into a band and a sense of belonging we have grown to love and cherish. We started Stillwave in 2012. With our live shows we quickly found an audience that shares in our experience of letting go of so many things that matter so little in order to grab a hold of the few things that matter so much.

Our sound is often described as a mix of post-punk, new wave and shoegaze, which makes sense, in a way, considering our personal musical inspiration (Slowdive, Pixies, the Smiths, among many, many others). That does not mean that that’s all we are interested in, though – as you’ll find out when we release new material. But back to the present: included is our new single Callow, give it a spin if you’re into alternative music. We hope (very much) that you will enjoy it.

Thanks for listening,
Adriaan, Marcel, & Michaël


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