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The ConnexionsHello faithful readers of A Music Blog, Yea? We’re The Connexions, 4 pirates from St. John’s Newfoundland playing powerpop / garage rock music. We love older rock music like The Beatles and The Ramones, and have a lot of fun putting our own spin on it. We play a lot in St. John’s, which for a city its size has an amazing music scene and some great venues such as The Ship Pub (Arrr!) and The Rose & Thistle. Audiences here love to dance and the energy at shows is usually pretty high!

We recorded this album (our debut) mostly on our ship with our bassist Len as producer/captain. We’re pretty stoked about it, and also that we put it out on cassette as well as cd!  You can stream or download the album at our bandcamp site below, or order it for delivery by our parrot, Kiki. We’re hoping to take the album to the landlubbers of Canada sometime in the spring.

We hope you enjoy checking out our music, and hope to play for some of you in 2014!

Thanks a lot maties!

The Connexions


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