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Come On Live LongGreetings AMBY readers!

We’re Come On Live Long from Dublin, Ireland.

COLL is 4 guys and one gal and we’ve been playing our own little blend of electronic tinted rock (with elements of everything from funk to folk) for about 3 years now. When we perform live the stage is home to everything from ukeleles to synths, drum samplers and more than a fair share of pedals.

Comparisons have been drawn to everything from Arcade Fire to Portishead so make of it what you will!

We have a big electronic influence but everything we play live is performed by one of the band members. Our two singers, Rob and Louise, take an equal share of vocal duties on most songs on our debut LP, Everything Fall. We released the album during the summer here in Ireland and hope to bring our sound to Canada soon.

At the moment we’re trying to get a European tour together but we hope to see you all on the far side of the Atlantic some time very soon.

We hope you enjoy our track Little Ones streaming below,


Come On Live Long


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Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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