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Dear Rouge
Vancouver-based husband and wife duo Drew and Danielle McTaggart are Dear Rouge. The couple spiked our interest when we first heard their track Head’s Up! Watch Out!, a dance-conjuring debut single they dropped last year. With a fresh year and debut LP release ahead of the pop-rock band, Drew and Danielle graciously indulged our curiosity with the following interview:

AMBY: Hello Dear Rouge, cheers for speaking with AMBY! Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

Dear Rouge: Hi this is Danielle & Drew from Dear Rouge. We are a synth rock band from Vancouver.

AMBY: How would you describe each other in one word?

Danielle: Drew is…. ambitious

Drew: Danielle is …. enthusiastic

AMBY: You have a new album set for release in 2014. Is there a working title for the record yet?

Dear Rouge: We haven’t locked anything down yet, but we working with the title “Black to Gold”.

AMBY: When creating the album, what was your ultimate goal?

Dear Rouge: This is our debut full-length album, and our goal was to really create a solid first impression that encompasses our sound and personality. We really pushed to make the sound genuine as well as create a bigger bolder sound than our previous EP’s.

AMBY: What’s the story behind your debut single Head’s Up! Watch Out!?

Dear Rouge: Head’s Up! Watch Out! was the very first song that we wrote and recorded together. We were both doing separate music projects in different parts of the country, and decided that we would collaborate in making an enthusiastic synth rock song. We didn’t have a name, we didn’t have a band, we didn’t have anything and just got in the studio to write and record. Once we finished it, we were so excited about the song and future possibilities that we formed a band, and wrote some other songs to create our first EP.

AMBY: Which other artists from Vancouver should we keep our eyes on?

Dear Rouge: Hmmmmm there are so many amazing artists from Vancouver that we love. Jordan Klassen, The Belle Game, Bear Mountain, and Rykka are some good ones to look out for.

AMBY: Where did the name Dear Rouge come from, and what other names had you considered for the band?

Dear Rouge: Well, we took Dear Rouge from Danielle’s hometown Red Deer. Flipped it around, added some french and it became Dear Rouge :) Early on before launching our project, we thought about switching it, we were thinking of Young Lions, Golden Eyes, The Gallery. All of them sounded cool, but Dear Rouge always stuck.

AMBY: You sent out a Flipagram recap of 2013. What were some of your highlights of the year?

Dear Rouge: Yea what a fun year we had. We are so grateful for some of the experiences. The biggest highlights were: 4 tours, Winning the Best of BC contest, playing summer festivals, and having our new single ‘I Heard I Had’ crack the top 20 in Canadian Rock Alt charts.

AMBY: What’s next for Dear Rouge?

Dear Rouge: We plan to release our album in the first half of 2014, and tour as much as possible. Right now we are primarily focusing our efforts on Canada, but 2014 might bring some international tours as well.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Dear Rouge that nobody knows yet?

Dear Rouge: Hmmmm, well our first show was at a Canada Day Festival, and we committed to it before we had enough songs for our set :) We spent 2 months trying to write enough songs to fill a set. Somehow we managed to pull it off, and the crowd enjoyed it … phew :)


Thank you Dear Rouge, for giving us your answers!

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