Getting Cozy With… CPNHGN!

CPNHGNCPNHGN was a project for the four of us. We got together at the end of 2011 at a rehearsal space on James’s Street in Dublin city centre to write and record an album from scratch. 

The first time I was in a room with the three other lads was behind the glass at a small studio on my ‘second day’. We never set out to be any one thing in particular, but it became clear that melancholic, melodic guitar music, and high energy, indie rock was at the heart of the group.

We found ourselves residents of Temple Bar’s iconic Temple Lane Studios with producer John Henry when it was time to put the LP together. Our debut album ‘Inhale Exhale’ was mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios. We sat on the finished product for the entire of 2012, releasing two singles along the way, and a couple of live videos.

Which brings us to this week. ‘Inhale Exhale’ is a sort of snapshot of us over eleven months and we’re now sharing it online.


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Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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