You’ve GOT to Hear This: Wild Beasts – “Wanderlust”

Wild BeastsWhen I first found Wild Beasts, it was on the bill with an old school friends band in my hometown and I could not get my head around what I was hearing. They have, ever since that evening, been one of those bands I’ve obsessed slightly over.

Coming as almost a surprise late Christmas present, Wanderlust crept up on me and hasn’t stopped following me everywhere I go; with it’s insistent drumming and it’s snaking synthesized melodies, carried by a muddy-booted ogre of a bass synth – the song comes on as a wonderful advancement of their sound without leaving behind the glorious grace they always had.

That grace comes majestically into play in the outro, where Wild Beasts once again so deftly and readily make something mature and powerful without overwhelming the delicately constructed pop song underneath.

From this track alone, I cannot contain my anticipation and excitement for the new album Present Tense to come and take over my mind for months to come.

I must have played this on YouTube a hundred times since it first appeared and I don’t doubt many of you will share my obsession, too!

Matthew Pease-Bower | @OPLband

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