Concert Review // Whitebrow and Corey Isenor @ Belljar Café

BalljarOn Friday, January 17th, 2014, I attended a lovely little show in Toronto’s West End.  Although I hadn’t any plans for that evening, I opted to tag along with a good friend whose taste in music is very in line with my own.   It just goes to show that sometimes it’s those cozy, on the fly shows that turn out to be the best.   When they’re good, the surprise can be thrilling, and I was lucky to have attended such a wonderful show at such a lovely venue: Whitebrow and Corey Isenor at the Belljar Café.

I made my way over to the Belljar Café, a cozy spot with fantastic coffee, tea served in classy cups, and rockin mixed drinks.  The lighting was dim and warm, the bar stocked, the staff friendly, and the atmosphere inviting.  Fresh flowers and a variety of delicious baked goods lined the counter, adding to the attractiveness of this café.

After getting some tea and finding a spot amongst friends and strangers alike, I watched in marvel as Corey Isenor performed.  I was expecting something good since my friend’s musical suggestions are always on point, but this was great. Folky and Canadian, what wasn’t there to love? Equipped with a guitar and harmonica, Corey Isenor’s played, sang, and story-told.  Favourites that stood out in my head included Angelique and The Ballad of Emily, but in truth every song was lovely.

When I found out the accompanying act was Whitebrow, I was thrilled! Having heard of Gabriel DeSantis from a friend sometime early last year, I was already a huge fan, and very excited to see a live performance.  I was, as I expected, not disappointed.  The guitar playing was immaculate, the vocals luring, and the variety in songs kept the show fun.  Some songs dark, some jazzy, some fun, and some simply moving, the entire set was inspiring.

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Curious to learn more about Corey Isenor? Then stay posted for an upcoming interview!

Nadia Kaakati | @NadiaKaakati

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