You’ve GOT to Hear This: Francis White – “Francis White”

Francis WhiteI’m not entirely convinced there’s anything more delightfully rewarding than the discovery of awesome new music. The whole process of scouring the darkest depths of the internet such as music blogs and pretentious musical critiques can be a frustrating experience, but then every now and then you’ll get that moment of enlightenment, that much desired breakthrough. For me, the independent singer-songwriter Francis White was that very thing; a rare find.

There is next to nothing written about Francis White on the world wide web from what I’ve seen. However, I did have the fortune of stumbling on a Twitter account which leads me to believe he resides in Madrid (as that’s where it says he lives) and, well, not much else. This sort of mystery only adds to the low key vibe that surrounds this little known artist (all positives in my view).

Let’s get to the music; at the very heart of this record is simplicity, an album steeped in classic rock values and structures that don’t ever get too over complicated. However, this is still a very varied project taking in many differing styles; ‘Pleased to Meet You’ is a hard, punky and grungy blast; ‘Sometimes’ is a romantic pop jangle that evokes the slow dance at a 1960’s high school prom (the final scenes of the first Back To The Future film come to mind – I hope you enjoy the sci-fi reference); ‘Crying’ and ‘On My Way’ (notwithstanding some questionable lyrics) are romantic folk-rock burners that show the emotional depth of the album; and eclipsing them all is the sensationally rhythmic guitar pop joy of ‘Calipso’. This is the track that has every right to be on radio playlists across the world, an indie rock masterpiece. Seriously.

At this point I feel it’s important to stress that Francis White isn’t reinventing the wheel, he’s not going to set the world alight with his experimentation and originality. However, this is a wonderfully melodic, honestly written and impressively performed record that will be a real pleasure for any open minded music fan.

My role on this occasion as a music writer/blogger is surely to inspire you to go and check out the music that I’m championing. So it’s over to you, have a listen and decide for yourself, hopefully you’ll decide what I did; Francis White is a huge talent with heaps of potential and someone only the lucky few get to appreciate.

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Toby Clayton | @tobyclayton01

2 thoughts on “You’ve GOT to Hear This: Francis White – “Francis White”

  1. Francis White is indeed a great writer and huge talent. Our band has been keeping tabs on him for years. He’s also a nice genuine chap, (down to earth type). So glad he’s receiving the success and recognition he truly deserves. So many mediocre ‘pop stars’ owe him a huge debt as he has penned great songs for them to sing.
    Best wishes Eg.
    Kind regards,
    Oscar Novak.

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