Concert Review: Lanterns on the Lake @ The Drake

Lanterns on the LakeI dislike it when people use words like “psychedelic” or “atmospheric” to describe a band. A band’s sound is possibly one of the most contested facts amongst fans and critics alike, but the genre of music such-and-such a band fits into isn’t really necessary, in my humble opinion. People like to classify things, we’ve been doing so as a collective race for hundreds of years. Is it punk? Is it rock? Is it indie? If a band plays music and their songs kind of seem to go along the same line, good, they’ve found their sound, whatever that means. Do we need to indulge ourselves and label it? Unfortunately sometimes the human lexicon doesn’t have the precise word we’re looking for, maybe there aren’t enough words yet. God knows we’ve all fallen victim to the psychedelic/atmospheric conundrum (I certainly have). Anyway, what I’m trying to convey is my ultimate sense of frustration, for there is no adequate adjective available to me to describe the experience of Lanterns on the Lake.

The reverb-heavy, U2-sequence guitar and a heavy, heavy bass, with excellent violin and soulful piano gave the five piece outfit a grand cohesive-ness. With the adorable blonde front(wo)man who, despite not having the strongest voice, did not carry the band alone. In other words, the band would not function to its full potential if picked apart; a solo played by Hazel Wilde was exceptionally different than the music the band played as a whole.

Lanterns on the Lake

The night consisted of inspiring, rousing music that brought the audience to spontaneous clap-alongs, and songs that invoked images of ships on grey seas, sad and melancholic in their poetic, well-constructed lyrics, and their heavy, thundering amp echoes.

Although sometimes reminiscent of some swooping fantasy film soundtracks (think Lord of the Rings), the tenderness and triumph and strength of the human heart was ultimately the celebration of the evening.

Emily Fox | @foxyfoxe

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