You’ve GOT to Hear This: Atlas – “Beat Up”

AtlasI came across Atlas after the folk at Egg Recording Studios in Shepperton tweeted me a link to lead singer and rhythm guitarist Zac Pajak’s solo song “Sunshine”. A talented performer in his own right a little digging uncovered that he was also recording with a four piece band, Atlas. Apparently the band recruited him after drummer Harry Pike chanced upon him busking in Kingston town centre, ending their search for a singer to suit their sound.

“Beat Up” is the lead track from the bands debut 3 track EP, recorded at City Sessions Studio and released at the beginning of the year. Beat Up‘s sweet harmonies and cheery tone belie a darker story behind the track, essentially the tale of someone who has had a bad day and in the words of the band “doesn’t want it being made worse through conflict in the home”. Lead guitarist Elliot Glynn’s backing vocals complement Zac’s lead, and Dom Strange on bass completes the quartet.

With Zac currently off on a 5 month stint working at a ski resort any live dates will have to wait warmer times. The rest of the band are using the time to promote the EP, which includes versions of two of Zac’s solo songs “I’m with you” and the aforementioned “Sunshine”. With side projects such as Harry’s poppier Apoll02 project to also keep them busy, I’m sure the time will fly by.

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