You’ve GOT to See This: Swoons – “Striking Lights”

SwoonsBuckinghamshire trio Swoons have only been going as a band since October 2013, but they aren’t hanging about with “Striking Lights”, their debut release and video. And with a few early raw recordings up on SoundCloud they are already said to be working on new recordings taking the band in a different direction over the coming months.

A black and white non-performance video, Striking Lights does show the value in getting visual content up on the likes of YouTube at an early stage in addition to audio. It’s a windswept affair filmed at the English seaside, and if the plan was to perform to the track the British weather would have put paid to that.

With Luke Duffett on vocals and guitar, Jamie Maurice on bass, and Jacob Cob Price on drums, it will be interesting keeping track of Swoons as they develop their sound as they hone it in their recordings and live performances. And they’re a band who seem willing to get out there and make the contacts they need to get on in the music business, a quality worth having.

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Gavin Watson | @watsongc

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