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Craig Cardiff

For the past fifteen years, Canadian folk singer-songwriter Craig Cardiff released an album a year. However, in November of 2013, Cardiff decided to do something completely new — he released a double album titled Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise) Part 1 & 2. To discuss his new methodology, we spoke with Craig Cardiff about changing things up, his large discography, favourite songs, and an interesting story about being drugged in South East Asia. Want to know more? Read on!

AMBY: Hello Craig, thanks for speaking with AMBY. What have you been up to lately?

Craig Cardiff: Low-keying.  Shouting from the rooftops how love is louder than all the noise.

AMBY: You have quite the incredible discography! Which three songs are the quintessential Craig Cardiff?

Craig Cardiff: Safe Here.  When People Go.  Dance Me Outside. 

AMBY: You’ve released an album a year for the past 15 years. What inspired you to change things up and release a double album?

Craig Cardiff: The songs dictated it – I didn’t read the signs and portents one bit, but the producers Ben Leggett and Andre Wahl saw them.  I was pushed into it kicking and screaming – scared witless.  A solo folk singer fronting a band of top Canadian musicians? The songs took on muscle and skin.  The two versions allowed us to explore different facets of a song without sacrificing their potential.

AMBY: What inspired the record’s title Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise)?

Craig Cardiff: When I’m driving in my car, or when I find my mind racing and spinning, I come back to a little game where I talk through what I know to be true.  I’m a man, seated, travelling in a car.  I can see the sun, horizon passing ,etc.  You pick apart each thought and idea and see how so so so many of them are noise, are pointless and in so many cases distractions that harm more than help.  So the title, and most of the songs, really are about the different bits of distraction / harm that we make and embrace, and a reminder to come back to what is important and what is known and true.

AMBY: Which songs off the double album are your favourite?

Craig Cardiff: I love the two faces of Memo (Not The End).  Polar opposites.  Two sides of the coin.

AMBY: When creating the album, what was your ultimate goal?

Craig Cardiff: I always want to untie all the knots I have inside of me, get the problem out on paper, scratch the itch.  With any project I put it through the test of, if I get a hit by a bus tomorrow did I do my best? Is this OK to leave?  I am watching out for buses, but know that we did our best work.

AMBY: If you could invite any 3 people to record an album with, who would you pick?

Craig Cardiff: Scott Merritt. Elvis Costello. Rose Cousins.

AMBY: Which Craig Cardiff lyric is your favourite?

Craig Cardiff: Never ask a parent who their favourite child is!

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Craig Cardiff that nobody knows yet?

Craig Cardiff: First day traveling in South East Asia I was drugged and brought to a card game, sans passport or travelers cheques.  Best lesson ever.  I was sweating, trying to explain that I didn’t play cards, didn’t have any money, etc etc.  I was dropped off near a city centre and they threatened to kill me.  Best travel lesson ever.  Way to start the trip.  Spidey sense was on after that.


Thank you Craig Cardiff, for giving us your answers!

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