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The Rainbreakers
I was recently lucky enough to be asked along to a band practice of a fast emerging local hardworking band called The Rainbreakers. After practice was over,, the band kindly allowed me to pose a few question to them about their hopes for the future, influences, and their sound.

AMBY: Thanks for taking time to be interviewed for AMBY today. Can you introduce yourselves and what you each do in the band?

The Rainbreakers: Hi, I’m Ben I play guitar and sing.  Hi I’m Jack and I play lead guitar. Hi I’m Sam and I play the drums. Hi I’m Pete and I play bass.

AMBY: How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

The Rainbreakers: Alternative Rock Pop with bluesy undertones.

AMBY: As you describe yourselves as an Alt Rock Pop band with Bluesy Undertones I’d be interested to hear who are your musical influences?

The Rainbreakers: Massive question! Between us we have a very broad spectrum of musicians that have inspired us, through varying genres too. For me (Ben) Adam Duritz from Counting Crows has been hugely influential in the way I approach writing a song.  We all share common ground with bands like Free, Led Zepplin, Counting Crows and The Black Keys. However the inspiration comes from all over the place, Sam is into Gomez massively and Alt J, Jack is into old school R&B, Soul and funk and Pete is in to The Police, Cat Stevens, John Butler Trio and Ocean Colour Scene. So we get an eclectic view on music.

AMBY: Where did the name The Rainbreakers come from also what names did you think of before settling on The Rainbreakers?

Pete: When Sam, Ben, and I were putting the band together we spent about a month trying to figure out a name for ourselves! We had about 50 odd names written down on a scrap of paper but they were working towards the word ‘Rain’. That’s right (Ben) there was a song by Counting Crows called ‘Rainking’ which I really liked the sound of, plus I enjoyed the nod to them! Rainkings was already a band though so we scrapped it and then I text everyone saying how about ‘Rainbreakers’? We lived with it for a couple of days and we haven’t looked back!

AMBY: You released your 1st EP last year, what are your plans for this year with regards to recording?

The Rainbreakers: We definitely want to record again. We have a catalogue of songs and we keep writing all the time, but we have some new material we are working hard on at the moment which we would like to record!

AMBY: I can see from your Facebook page that you are a very much organised band and have loads of gigs planned throughout the coming year, will you be adding more dates to this list?

Jack: Definitely! Playing live is the biggest thrill we get. Some of the venues we have played at have been fantastic especially Proud in Camden, London. When you have an opportunity to perform in front of new people you’re really putting your music out there for the public’s opinion. If you can get a crowd of strangers involved then you are on the right path and fingers crossed that’s what seems to be happening at our gigs.

AMBY: Where do you see yourselves as a band in 12 months’ time?

The Rainbreakers: Gigging! A career in the music industry is hard to achieve. There are lots of bands out there. We are going to keep doing what we are doing and learn on the way. This is a process. So I would hope to see us doing slightly higher profile gigs and certainly more festivals!

AMBY: I see you have recently announced that you have appointed a management team, how do you feel this new partnership will benefit the band?

The Rainbreakers: Yes we have! We are looking forward to working with TMC Management. It is important to remember that any band that has ever ‘made’ a career in the industry has had help form an outside source, this is something we have been craving for a while now so to have Paul and Dylan on board helping has and will take a lot of work off our desks and allow us to be more creative more often.

AMBY: What do you consider to be your favourite albums of 2013?

The Rainbreakers: Gary Clark Jr, Blak and Blu. Daft Punk, Random Access Memories. Tame Impala, Lonerism.

AMBY: Thanks lads for taking time out to answer some questions for AMBY, where can our readers catch you playing live next?

Ben: Our next gig is at Proud in Camden, London on Sunday 9th February, Friday 14th February at Moochers Bar Stourbridge and then Friday 28th February at The Hole in The Wall Shrewsbury, where we will have support from The Robin Pierce Band from Cheshire and Amy Pugh from Shrewsbury.


I will be reviewing the bands Proud Camden gig and have been asked if I’d like to travel down to the gig with them, so look out for a review on AMBY in the next few weeks. And, of course, thanks to The Rainbreakers for giving us their answers!

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