You’ve GOT to Hear This: Taylor O’Meara – “Acoustic EP”

Taylor O'MearaTaylor O’Meara isn’t just a pretty face with a guitar, he actually has talent. A Music Blog, Yea? was lucky enough to get an exclusive preview before the release of Taylor O’Meara’s acoustic EP on Valentine’s Day. It’s always nice to listen to an album that is filled with pure raw emotion, and he offers exactly that.

This album is perfect for coffee shops and long drives in the country. Listening to his acoustic album just makes me want to sit back and soak up the sun (well, whatever we can get from the Canadian winter). His songs are perfect for those coffee/study/road trips playlists on 8tracks.

Taylor O’Meara’s acoustic EP consists of love songs that are hard not to like. I found myself singing along after the first few listens of the album. Some of his songs, like “When It’s Over”, is the perfect song to slow dance to. His style reminds me of Lifehouse, Teddy Geiger, The Calling, and the early days of Jason Mraz. Listening to the album, it’s easy to vision that boy next door throwing pebbles at your window to serenade to you.

My favourite songs off the album: “Change In Me” and “When It’s Over”. Until it’s release, check out Taylor’s song “Live Another Day” and follow him on his social medias here:

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